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The carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua) is a tree of the Fabaceae family, with a rounded crown of dense foliage, originally from Syria introduced in Portugal by the Arabs.


It can be found scattered across Portugal, but in the Algarve is both an ecological and economic icon near the coast, in the northern mountains and mainly in the limestone soils of the Barrocal.


It’s varieties can be found from Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António. In theLoulé municipality the carob tree is predominant and there can be found a large number of farms and production facilities. It is called the home of the carob tree.


The industrialization of carob results in various products, such as:


The pulp, fine grinded, is used for animal fodder. From a coarse grind syrup can be extracted and toasted flour can be obtained.


The seed, which is only 10% of the total weight of the fruit, is its most valuable part. From it locust bean gum can be produced (used as a thickening agent in processed foods). It can also be used for multiple applications in pharmaceutical, textile and cosmetics industries.




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